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Connected Partners: Springing Into Action

The healthcare industry has an established response plan in place in the face of a pandemic and in early 2020, many of those hypotheticals became realities. As cases continued to mount, hospital personnel worked quickly to prepare their facilities to accommodate COVID-19 patient needs. As partners responded to help hospitals, many of the established best practices helped ensure a smooth transition and continue to help prevent hospitals from being a disease amplifier.

MMC Contractors companies have expertise in building new healthcare facilities from the ground up, retrofitting or expanding upon existing hospitals, and providing service to facilities to maintain optimum efficiency. This full breadth of scope working in the healthcare industry has proved essential as teams have quickly mobilized to support our healthcare clients as their needs change.


A testament to the partnerships and the communities in which we work and live, as news came of how facilities should prepare for an influx of patients, everyone jumped in to help.

Local and national suppliers ramped up and worked tirelessly to maintain inventory and be able to keep up with the demand for things like exhaust fans, pressure monitors, HEPA filters, and UV lighting for air handlers. In addition, MMC Contractors teams have seen significant support from architects and engineers as we design and implement retrofit negative isolation rooms. General contractors also stepped up to help with the construction piece involved in these efforts.

“It feels like everyone embraced the ‘we’re in this together’ mentality and came together to figure out how we can do our part to make a difference,” said Jeff Tyler, Business Development Manager at MMC Contractors. “There’s a lot of idea sharing and walls have come down for proprietary information in an effort to find solutions faster.”

Such an event could have been met with chaos, but instead, as teams began to assemble and prepare, everyone knew their part. The Testing and Balancing group was called in to action numerous times to take existing hospital equipment and help manage the air relationships in various parts of hospitals. For one client, they were able to turn an existing Gastrointestinal Lab into a negative space that can be used for patients. All in a weekend. The Sheet Metal shop at the MMC Contractors Las Vegas company switched gears to help shear metal strips for much-needed face masks, in an effort to be part of the solution for area healthcare workers’ needs.

“We are doers and ideas are starting to flow. We look at how we can take these concepts and execute them,” said Tyler. “It’s all hands on deck and that’s how we’re working together to make a difference.”

This collective effort among those in the construction industry shows how true partnerships are meant to work – as extensions of our clients themselves. It’s a team of partners – general contractors, mechanical contractors, suppliers, specialty contractors, engineers, architects, and more – who are in it together.

“Seeing everyone spring into action and step up has been nothing short of amazing,” said Andrew Thompson, Preconstruction Manager at MMC Contractors. “There’s a bigger meaning to this work and we are proud to stand with our partners to support our clients in whatever capacity we can.”


Years of experience working in healthcare have allowed the teams at MMC Contractors the opportunity to establish solid relationships with hospital personnel at many different levels. From partnering with facility managers on helping drive capital investment projects to working closely with Infection Control Coordinators to minimize our impact on facilities, we’ve done it. The familiarity with existing measures gives our partners confidence in our ability to follow ever-changing protocols. In addition, with teams well-versed in the regulations of working in healthcare facilities, they are equipped with the knowledge needed to minimize any cross contamination, keeping both patients and themselves as safe as possible.

Our teams are well-versed in the regulations of working in healthcare facilities and have been working in this space for decades.

With a solid foundation and understanding of the industry, the focus can be placed on disseminating information as rules change and on making teams aware of new safety recommendations.

“It’s incredibly important to us to keep everyone abreast of any changes to protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” said Corey Christensen, Project Executive at MMC Contractors. “We are doing our best to look ahead and identify our needs as early as possible. We can then work with our Purchasing department to secure more Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or with our partners to identify other ways to disinfect our equipment.”

As part of a large family of companies, MMC Contractors teams are able to leverage relationships built among suppliers. This has helped the companies gain access to additional surgical masks and hand sanitizer to supply at each jobsite. 


Every challenge that the healthcare industry faces results in innovation and this pandemic will be no different. Already experts across the country are closely evaluating what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done to help prepare for the next challenge.

This experience has challenged construction experts to find creative ways to use existing systems, transition other buildings for patient overflow, and quickly create pop-up testing areas, all following strict guidelines with everyone’s health and safety in mind.

“It’s impossible to predict what obstacle the healthcare industry will face next,” said Thompson. “But from what I’ve seen over the past few months, I’m confident whatever challenge we weather next, we’ll do it together.”


As mechanical contractors we are constantly making connections – whether on the jobsite, in the community, with our valued trade partners, and more. These connected partnerships are critically important in constructing and servicing the essential structures in our lives.

Within Connected Partners — a thought leadership magazine created for valued clients and prospective partners of the MMC Contractors companies — we hope to provide you some essentials as well. You’ll find insight into trends important to our industry; stories of our partners making an impact; and resources you might find helpful in what you do every day.

As employee owners, we recognize the importance of adapting to the ever-changing industry, but it’s the strength of our partnerships that take all of us to the next level. The structures we create and the communities that value our collective success enable us to evolve and grow every day.