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Las Vegas Convention Center

MMC Contractors was selected to perform the wet and dry mechanical scope of work for the Las Vegas Convention Center. This includes 1,440,000 square feet of convention and meeting room space made up of 600,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, 210,000 square feet of concourse/prefunction areas, three levels of meeting room spaces, and an atrium with additional meeting room and prefunction areas. The bulding also includes a food court, multiple kitchens, and an additional 240,000 square feet of support space. 

To perform some of the more challenging aspects of the job, the team utilized two cranes inside of the exhibit hall to set twenty-five air handling units on to the mezzanine levels and incorporated the use of a helicopter to set eighty-six pieces of rooftop equipment on exhibit hall and atrium areas. They also developed a procedure to set air handling units on level 3.5 mezzanine of the atrium, utilizing a crane inside of the building.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 1,440,000
Project Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
General Contractor: Turner Martin Harris
Project Owner: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
Project Architect: TVS Nevada, Inc.
Project Engineer: ESD
Field Office: Las Vegas